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Honeydone list
Most guys that are in a relationship somehow tend to begin to hate that task-oriented, unending "Honeydo List".

Why is that?
-- The project seems to always interrupt your own
-- The nagging
-- While working on project A, she adds on project B, but don't forget project A
-- The nagging
-- While working on project B, she adds on project C, but don't forget A and B
-- The nagging
-- Tend to feel like you are being run around.

OK, we get the point! It's nerve-racking!

What's the solution????

The Honeydone List

​Guys, I'm going to need your utmost attention right now... It's just me, a guy talking....

-- This first one is tricky... When she mentions something to do, off the cuff-- Listen!
-- When she, for example says, "It would be great if the faucet was fixed." Heed what she said and personally write that down-on your own LIST
-- This is to be done, without her knowing you are doing it.
-- So far, you have manage to diffuse nagging.
-- Find projects that YOU KNOW need to be done- and DO THEM!!
-- As you finish projects, cross them off!
-- Ask her if she has anything else she'd like to have done. (Opportunity!)
-- Benefits?  -- Peace, Respect, Love, Happiness :0)

So far this has been directed solely for the men

Women, you are not off the hook.
-- ALLOW him time to begin to follow through --- DO NOT NAG! OR HE'S DONE!