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Stand for the Silent is an Anti-bullying site that sole purpose is provide Anti-bullying presentations and materials to help prevent tragic and unnecessary suicides of the world's young children.
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In cooperation with Stand for the Silent, Amazing Acronyms would like to offer its take on BULLYING, RESPECT, HOPE, and PEACE, along with Nick Furey's poem titled "Take A STAND"
BULLYING - BUndermining Lives Like Yours Instantly Negates Growth (c) 2014
RESPECT - Regarding Everyone SPeace Encourages Character Today (c) 2014
PEACE - People Enabling A Caring Environment (c) 2009    
HOPE Have Only Positive Expectations (c) 1999
Take A STAND (c) 2013                          By Nick Furey
STAND-Strength TAchieve New Directions

Emptiness envelops so many people, 
 young and old.  
Could we truly bear to hear  
 the stories they have told?  
Of abuses and pain  
humiliation and fear  
 Of hopelessness and abandonment  
and wondering why they’re here.

Because of their color  
 lifestyle, or status in life  
They are made fun of and hurt  
and left with undo strife.

Racism, hate crimes, bullying  
 and judgmental minds  
Must begin to look in their heart  
and discover what they’ll find

Take a STAND for these souls  
 give them a sense of HOPE,  
for you never really know  
 if they may be on their last rope.

Suicide kills more than a life  
it kills HOPE as well  
 It makes us realize how life  
can be a living hell.

Take a STAND in your school,  
 on your job or on the street,  
 knowing your support and grace  
might get them on their feet.

Strength To Achieve New Directions  
 is the hope their longing for  
To know that their life is worth it  
and see love outpoured. 

Where there’s violence, Take a STAND  
When there’s injustice, Take a STAND;  
Where there’s hopelessness, Take a STAND  
Where there’s bullying Take a STAND 

Want to Achieve New Direction in your life? Take a STAND and in Strength begin to see your life turn around.

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